Elephant Keeper

Virtual Reality

I am proud to announce that my work will be featured at:
Tribeca Film Festival from April 20-28. 
American Film Institute fest from June 13-17
Cannes from June 18 - 22

Running alongside the VR film 'My Africa' - 'Elephant keeper' is an immersive 6 degrees of freedom experience, putting the audience in the shoes of one of the elephant keepers at the Reteti Elephant sanctuary in northern Kenya. Guided by Lupita Nyong'o, you are given the job of nursing the rescued elephant Dudu back to health: taking her heart rate, taking a blood sample, keeping her cool in the heat and then finally feeding her.

The piece features some of the latest innovation in virtual reality , pushing the boundaries of what has been currently possible through specialised capture and rendering techniques.

Elliott Round - Lead VR designer
Adam May - VR Curator 
Chris Campkin- DOP
Vision 3 - Production

Forbes - Tribeca VR 2018
Charlie Fink
"There were five experiences I’m going to give my “most awesome” accolade to. Three of them, “Hero”, “Jack, Part One” and “My Africa” use “free roam” VR, in which a user dons a headset and an HP backpack PC and is literally able to walk around inside the movie, with full freedom and agency. "
       "In it [My Africa] you help to treat the orphan baby elephant featured in the first part, during which you are a passive observer. The two pieces taken together present a world so complete in its presence you feel a deep, moving empathy for the people and their struggle to live in harmony with nature."