During lockdown, I took it upon myself to create a sense of additional space within my apartment. I wanted to find a way to feel less isolated in one location by bringing the outdoors to me, but not stopping there.. create new fantasy worlds that could be an extension of my real-world apartment. I wanted to take this idea even further, by automating the scene - programming them in with key events in the day, whether music was playing and what location would best suit that genre.

I used notion tracking hardware to follow the viewer's head, allowing the projected view on the wall to match up with the viewer’s perspective. This worked surprisingly well, and even though the image was essentially just 2D, the constantly updating perspective quickly allowed you to forget that there was a physical wall in the way.

To take this hardware further, an ideal scenario would be to use a back projector onto a screen to avoid the shadows that can be seen here when trialling this technique in my apartment. Furthermore, a 3D projector could be implemented to allow multiple audience members to explore the space at the same time, by strobing a different view per audience member.